UCSD Limited Submissions: Current Opportunities

Limited submission funding opportunities are programs for which the sponsor limits the number of proposals UC San Diego may submit. Four standing committees composed of Academic Senate-recommended senior faculty members and researchers review internal applications and make recommendations to the Vice Chancellor for Research regarding which applications should go forward as proposals to external sponsors.

UCSD investigators and staff who become aware of funding opportunities with limited-submission requirements that are not listed on this website should contact limitedsub@ucsd.edu immediately so that the internal review process can be coordinated in a timely manner.

Questions or comments about the limited-submission review process can be directed to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Research, or to Strategic Research Opportunities Senior Analyst Shannon Muir, semuir@ucsd.edu.

Current Opportunities

UCSD Deadline  Sponsor Name   Limited Submisson Program Name 
03/31/2017 National Institutes of Health NIH Shared Instrumentation Grant (SIG) Program (S10) - PAR-17-074
03/31/2017 National Institutes of Health NIH High-End Instrumentation (HEI) Grant Program (S10) - PAR-17-076
04/04/2017 American Diabetes Association, Inc. Pathway to Stop Diabetes Awards
04/11/2017 U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science Energy Frontier Research Centers (EFRC) DE-FOA-000XXXX
05/02/2017 William T. Grant Foundation William T. Grant Scholars 2017-2018
(Open until filled) National Institutes of Health Asthma and Allergic Diseases Cooperative Research Centers (U19) RFA-AI-16-065
(Open until filled) National Science Foundation Software Infrastructure for Sustained Innovation (SI2) - Scientific Software Innovation Institutes (S2I2) Conceptualization -- NSF 17-526
(Open until filled) National Science Foundation ADVANCE: Increasing the Participation and Advancement of Women in Academic Science and Engineering Careers (ADVANCE) -- NSF 16-594
(Open until filled) National Institutes of Health Data Science Research: Personal Health Libraries for Consumers and Patients (R01) -- PAR-17-159
(Open until filled) National Science Foundation Tomorrow's Internet Project Office (TIPOFF) Building on the Success of the Global Environment for Network Innovations -- NSF 17-540
(Open until filled) National Endowment for the Arts Art Works: Creativity Connects
(Open until filled) National Institutes of Health NIMHD Specialized Centers of Excellence on Minority Health and Health Disparities (U54) -- RFA-MD-17-005
(Open until filled) National Institutes of Health Environmental Health Sciences Core Centers (EHS CC) (P30) - RFA-ES-17-003
(Open until filled) W. M. Keck Foundation Undergraduate Education Program

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